The financial assistance available to start-ups may be minimal at best. Financial institutions have rigid funding requirements. Therefore, a short business history, a lack of credit or slow-paying customers all act as barriers to financing and meeting your business goals.

Financing a small businesses can be a difficult task for entrepreneurs. Luckily, accounts receivable factoring can step in to save your firm from a cash flow disaster! AR factoring steps in by purchasing your unpaid invoices and giving you cash in exchange without hindering your firm’s growth. The money you receive from factoring accounts receivables is YOUR money that’s been tied-up by slow-paying customers. Allocate the money however you see fit, whether you need to buy supplies, rent equipment, meet payroll, hire new talent or pay your bills.

Your start-up company doesn’t have to worry about repaying a loan because of steep APRs or not having enough funds to meet its demands. Accounts receivable factoring is a smart solution for start-ups who prefer not to add debt to their balance sheet.