It appears that small businesses aren’t getting the financial help they formerly received from credit unions. A recent small business lending report shows that bank loan approvals, though low, have risen a full 7% within between May 2012 and May 2013. On the other hand, the approval percentage for small business loans has plummeted by nearly 12% from credit unions within the same time period. The combination of regulations limiting the credit union lending percentage to just 12.25%, and the speed at which banks approve their clients may be the cause for such a decline because it creates lending restrictions.

For small businesses and startups eager for financing, this could be a potentially damaging situation, as credit unions are non-profit, member-driven organizations.  Credit unions give members a say in how things occur, they offer lower lending rates, less fees and are often willing to work with clients who have a poor financial background. But if this recent drop continues, small businesses may not be able to enjoy such benefits.

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