When companies need cash, they often seek out bank loans. The problem is that bank loans may be difficult to obtain, come with high interest rates that often fluctuate and may not provide the amount of funding you need.

What can your company do if bank financing isn’t quite working out?

Accounts Receivable Factoring.

Accounts receivable factoring is a type of business financing takes the unpaid receivables that sit on your company’s books and exchanges them for cash. Rather than relying on unpredictable funding methods that add debt to your balance sheet – accounts receivable factoring presents the funding you need with zero debt to repay.

Factor accounts receivable with AR Cash and we’ll pair you with financial experts who are well-versed in your industry to help you best meet your business needs.

In addition to giving you instant cash, we offer additional account management services like collections, billing and back office support. AR factoring comes with no restrictions. As long as you have unpaid invoices, we can get you the cash.

And there aren’t any restrictions on how much cash you get! Unlike bank loans, you won’t find steep interest rates because we charge a low rate of only .69-1.59%. With accounts receivable financing, your business cash flow gets restored straight from the invoices you’d regularly charge your clients. Use this funding to obtain even more clients!

Need cash? Begin factoring accounts receivable today!