Expenses, budgets, growth strategies, objectives and customers – these can pose financial trouble for any firm. A lack of cash can create strain for a business looking to meet its goals. Invoice factoring is the solution to your business cash flow needs.  Invoice factoring companies enable business owners to meet their goals by purchasing unpaid invoices  and advancing the necessary cash flow to keep business operations running smoothly. Factoring invoices doesn’t pile debt onto your business. Not to mention, invoice factoring is surprisingly free of the stringent requirements that most financial institutions carry when lending. The factoring process works by selling your company’s accounts receivables to a factoring company and obtaining immediate cash advancement.

The Factoring Process

1)Service and bill your customers as you would normally
2) Send the unpaid bills to the factoring company
3) Receive a 70-90% cash advancement in proportion to the invoice price
4) Your customer pays their bill through the factor
5) Factoring fees are subtracted and the remainder of the invoice is forwarded to you

Factoring doesn’t accumulate debt. In fact, factoring receivables may actually help improve your credit.  The best part of factoring with a factoring company like Factor Finders is that you won’t be locked into a long-term contract or face rejection based on your financial performance.