When your business is experiencing financial burdens due to slow-paying customers, changes in the economy, or poor sales, it can be tough to find any type of immediate funding. Attempting to obtain business funding from other financial sources like loans and business credit cards can be risky because of the strict stipulations and high interest charges outlined in their requirements. So where can you get cash? Receivables factoring.

Receivables factoring may be the right financing option for you. When you factor receivables, a factoring company simply purchases your unpaid invoices and exchanges them for cash advancement. Is receivables financing right for your company? Business factoring offers many advantages that loans and other business funding methods do not.

First, your company won’t be denied funding based on your credit performance. Accounts receivable factoring companies focus on the creditworthiness of your customers – not your company or personal credit. Factoring also provides instant access to cash, unlike financing that takes long, drawn out periods to procure.

Accounts Receivable Cash provides business factoring services for a diverse range of industries including construction, freight, healthcare manufacturing, staffing, government and distribution to name a few. Virtually any industry can benefit from receivables factoring options such as purchase order financing, invoice factoring, asset based lending and more.

Essentially, if your company is facing a cash flow shortage and needs working capital to cover costs, accounts receivable factoring is a smart financing solution for you. You won’t be rejected on past financial performance or credit, plus you get the cash you need immediately.

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